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Project Description

Django-based CMS on steroids.


Based on these technologies:

  • Python as programming language.
  • Django as web framework.
  • Several database backends supported:
    • PostgreSQL.
    • Oracle.
    • MySQL.
    • SQLite.

Why another CMS?

Although the Django framework is amazing for creating web apps, with several flagship projects like Pinax, we think there is no complete Django-based CMS comparable to Drupal, Plone, ModX cms, etc. Merengue is a full-featured CMS useful for creating websites writing less code and mantaining it clean, elegant and reusable.

See Merengue overview to get more info.


General features

  • Cross platform.
  • Support for different DB engines.
  • Human readable URLs.
  • Multilingual content management.
  • Advanced custom searchers.
  • Sections (microsites) management.
  • Theme support.
  • Pluggable.
  • Extensible content types.
  • Collaborative editing.
  • Multithreaded comment system.
  • See all features.

Deployment features

  • Caching system, with several backends like memcached:
    • Cache invalidation web interface for admins.
  • Schema migration, based on South.

Demo Site


See official Merengue docs.

Test plan

See the QA team test plan, implemented with [source:trunk/merengueproj/tests/selenium selenium tests]

Contact Info

  • Merengue maintainer: Manuel Saelices <msaelices@…>
  • See [source:trunk/merengueproj/AUTHORS complete authors list]

More Info

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.

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